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​​To ensures the proper handling of waste, facilities of waste producers must have a contract with other facilities of environmental services providers (ESPs) whom were granted permits by Tadweer, (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center) to practice the profession in the emirate, the contract obligate all waste producers to deal with their waste through the ESPs registered with at the Center, the list of them is below.

That contract would facilitate the procedures for issuing the NOC for waste producers by providing the Center with the waste transportation policy form (Manifest), which is considered the only proof accredited by Tadweer (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center) regarding the proper handling of waste. This list includes all the ESPs facilities registered with Tadweer (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center​) across the emirate.

Anyone desires to search for those facilities by the type of the permit of practicing the profession issued by the Tadweer, (waste transportation. waste treatment, waste recycling, waste and scrap trade, pest control) to those ESPs operating in the Emirate.


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