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Tadweer follows the best international practices and standards in providing its services ... Let us all learn about the safe use of pesticides, as well as the correct selection mechanism for #pesticides, in addition to determining their efficiency and success in controlling public health pests, to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting our society from vectors and harmful pests



#Ants are very active #insects. They spread widely, especially in summer when they store food in preparation for winter. Ants invade some houses and become a source of inconvenience to house owners. In this video, we will take you through the best solutions to prevent their proliferation in an effective and safe manner


Watch this video for tips on how to protect your home from #insects and #rodents which cause inconvenience, harm, and discomfort to all your family members


With the onset of summer and raising temperatures, #insects become more active and spread indoors, potentially transmitting many diseases and carrying microbes. However, this can be effectively controlled by following some guidelines and measures that help prevent their spread into our homes. This video shows you the most effective ways to keep #cockroaches out of our homes.

Stop Food Waste .. Let's work together to unite efforts to spread a culture of rationalizing consumption by conserving our food resources and avoiding food waste


Tadweer adopts the latest global methods in controlling pests to ensure human safety and environmental sustainability. In addition to regulating the use of chemical pesticides, it promotes the use of safe #biological pesticides that are safe and effective in controlling #pests. Here are some measures and guidelines to help prevent the harmful use of chemical #pesticides



Adventures of Pests



#DYK: #Tadweer has allocated sites for the collection of agricultural waste from farms and ranches in the Emirate of #AbuDhabi. These facilities streamline the collection of waste and reduce its harmful impact on both the environment and public health.

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