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​​​​​Tadweer(The Center of Waste Management -Abu Dhabi) launchedthe initiative of (Aamer ... We Falak Tayyeb) Initiative , which targetsthecustomersof theLicensing & Tariff Department, andthisinitiative comesfrom Tadweer keenness on consolidatingits relations withthe customersand to spread the professional excellence and creativity culture regarding thecustomer service,as well as it aims at opening multiplechannels of communicationbetween the customer andTadweer.

Throughthe initiative,Tadweer is keen on accomplishing the beststandardsto reach to the superiority in the field ofcustomer servicealong withraising the ​level ofcustomer satisfactionand achieving positive results,according to thescientificanalysis of the customer's voice andin an elegant mannerreflecting theorientationsand objectives of the management andthe Center in general, which in its turn ensures the commitment of Tadweer Management in applying the standards of the proper managementwiththe customers in terms of the development and improvementof service deliverymethodandaccessing to the informationandthe completion of the publictransactionsin a timely and efficient manner.
​​​​This initiative represents a new qualitative addition towards strengthening the customer confidence with Licensing & Tariff Department and the Center in general, and make the customer feels his importance the thing that is fully consistent with Tadweer strategic orientations, and the commitment to carry out its duties towards its customer s efficiently and in a satisfactory manner to the service recipient achieving the customer satisfaction and the strategic objectives.​

The policy of Dealing with the customers’ comments


The Policy of dealing with Customers comments aims atproviding multiple channels of communication andto meet therequirements of all the segments of customers and to ensuredealing with their complaintsandcomments in an effectiveand flexiblemanner that is consistent with theexcellenceculture that is adopted by thecustomer servicein the Licensing & Tariff Department. Therefore, wemake sureto consider allthe commentsin a mannerthat is in line with thebest practicesinthis field. We welcome allcomments ofour valued customersbecause of their essential role inbusiness continuity in an outstanding and positive performance, and in building and developingour servicesto serve thecustomer'sinterestfirst.​

The Policy

The Customer ServiceDepartmentis committed with basic principles when dealing with customers comments: clear vision, ease of communication with us, response speed, objectivity and transparency, strict confidentiality, focusing on customer requirements, improvement and continuous development.

Scope of work

The Initiative is appliedonallthe commentsthat are submittedto Tadweer by the customers, which include the complaints, suggestions, questions, praising, a meeting request, andgeneral commentsabout theservices provided by the Licensing & Tariff Department.

There are a multiple ways of communication with Tadweer whether to submit a comment, inquiry, complaint, thanks or a meeting request, and the communication channels that have been provided include the following:​

  1. Electronic Website: The electronic website provides detailedinformation on alltopics relating totariffandlicensingandcustomer servicethrough: www.tadweer.ae
  2. E-mail: The professional work team deals with all the customers’ comments that are received via e-mail using the best electronic technologies in the field of dealing with email communications, as you can send the comments and inquiries via the email​: callcenter@tadweer.ae
  3. Costumer Feedback Form: Costumer Feedback Form allows the customer to submit his comments in presence by filling out the form and putting it in aamer wi falak Tayyeb Initiative box that is available in all service centers deployed in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; the forms are collected and the customers comments are responded to by the working team, For viewing the notes form, please click the link: Costumer Feedback Form​​
  4. Attending in person: the customer can submit his comments and inquiries through meeting the customer service agent who will note the customer’s remarks and Inquiries in order to answer him directly , or send it to the specialists that will take care about all received cases urgently:​ Meeting Request Form​
  5. Social Media Channels: allows customers to submit their comments and inquires by visiting Tadweer-Tariff & Licensing page on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
  6. Abu Dhabi Government Website: Allows customers to submit their inquiries and comments and complains through Abu Dhabi Government Website regularly 24/7 www.abudhabi.ae​
  7. Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre: Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre receives the customers’ notes around the clock by dialing 800 555
  8. Fax: the customer can submit his comments or inquiries by fax026904907and our team work will receive all faxes and handle it as soon as possible .​
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